Katie Faikes Calligraphy Greenville SC


Hi! I'm Katie Egan!  I started my calligraphy journey back in 2015 with a kit I picked up from a craft store on a whim.  Now, we're here and I  created katie faikes calligraphy as what I lovingly call my "side hustle."  I specialize in wedding and event supplies like menus, envelope addressing, and place cards but I love a good commissioned piece like wedding vows or stationery!  Shoot me an email and we'll see how I can hook you up :)

When I'm not writing, I love to do yoga, watch bad reality tv, drink coffee, and be outside with my sweet husband.  I've never met a donut or a puppy I didn't like and I call most people "dude."


I can't wait to meet you!  

A picture of me at my wedding, probably staring at a donut... (thanks, Courtney Price!)